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Working around the ISP or Cloud provider port 25 block

Table of contents

  1. Before getting started
  2. Configure your DNS
  3. Configure Mailway

This article shows how to configure Mailway to forward email to a SMTP server running on a custom port

rfc6186 specifies the usage of SRV Records for locating the email server.

Before getting started

Login in your Mailway account to add the domain you want to receive emails on.

We will use as an illustration, make sure to replace it with your domain.

Configure your DNS

The SRV record should have the following configuration:

  • name:
  • service: _submission
  • protocol: _tcp
  • target: where your email server is running
  • port: the port your email server is running on

You can validate the change using dig and the following command:

$ dig SRV +short
10 10 465

Make sure that no MX records exists on as they will take precedence.

Configure Mailway

On your domain’s rule on the Mailway dashboard, forward all emails to [email protected] (the domain your configured the SRV record on).

All emails sent to will now be sent to the SRV record target server.