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How to debug

Table of contents

  1. Checking the state of an email
  2. Looking at logs
  3. Reaching out to Mailway

Checking the state of an email

On the domain’s logs page in the dashboard, the first column indicates the status of the email;

  • orange: the email has been received, but not yet processed.
  • green: the email has been processed and delivered at its final destination. See the Matched rule's action column for more information.
  • gray: email blocked due to spam filtering.
  • red: the email failed to delivered. See how to manually recover the email.
  • white: email is in unknown state.

More information can be found by hovering the status icon.

Looking at logs

You can access the service logs using the command: mailway logs.

To see a particular component’s logs you can use journalctl. For instance: journalctl -e -u mailout.

Reaching out to Mailway

If you have a question or an issue with a particular component, you can raise an issue on our public issue tracker available on our GitHub organization. Contributions to the code are also welcome.

For other requests, please feel free to reach out to the support.